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Chapter 3602: Flame King


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The man stammered. In this kind of dangerous place, it was very normal for people to kill each other. Since he had sensed that someone was pursuing him from behind, he would definitely make the first move.

In the Extreme Flame Valley, it was extremely common to kill others and plunder their fire essence. What other reason could there be?

Now that Ling Han had asked this question, he did not know how to answer.

He thought for a moment, then said, “Little brother, we’re all on the same side. I also saw the bounty notice issued by the Pang Clan of Nanyang, and thus came here to collect the essence of fire. We are all just here to earn a living, and previously, it was also a misunderstanding.”

“Pang Clan of Nanyang?” Ling Han murmured. He grabbed the man, “Be more specific.”

“You don’t know?” The man was surprised.

Pa, Ling Han smacked him on the head, “Am I asking you, or are you asking me?”

The man gritted his teeth. This was really painful, but when he saw Ling Han’s cold eyes, he could only tell him the truth.

This Pang Clan of Nanyang was a very powerful clan. In the past, there had been a Spirit Transformation True Lord in the clan, but after this ancestor died, the Pang Clan became weaker and weaker with each generation. Now, there were only a few Core Formation Tier elites overseeing the clan.

However, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. The Pang Clan was still very wealthy, and in this generation of the Pang Clan, a prodigy had appeared. His name was Pang Yunfei.

Precisely for the sake of nurturing this outstanding descendant, the Pang Clan spared no expense to concoct the Five Elements Karmic Pill for Pang Yunfei. Thus, they issued a bounty. As long as anyone gathered enough essence of the Five Elements, they would be able to trade it for various treasures.

For example, Celestial Tools, Celestial medicines, cultivation techniques, and so on. As long as you had enough Five Elements essence, you would be able to trade for them.

When the news spread out, it naturally attracted a great many people to enter into the land of the Five Elements to collect the essence of the Five Elements.

“Oh, that’s right. Aside from the Pang Clan, it seems like there is also the Luo Clan that is collecting the essence of the Five Elements.” The man thought for a while, then squeezed out another piece of information for Ling Han.

Two forces were competing with him?

Ling Han thought for a moment. Fine, others could rob him, so why couldn’t he rob others?

There was strength in numbers. In this way, perhaps he would only need a few years, or even a year, to be able to concoct the Five Elements Karmic Pill.

Ling Han patted that person’s shoulder, “Hand over the essence of flames.”

“Er, little brother, haven’t I already apologized to you?” the man said with a grimace.

“Flame essence or your life, choose one,” Ling Han said calmly. This person had launched a sneak attack on Ling Han to kill him, and now he was merely robbing him. Just how broad-minded was he?

The man had no choice but to hand over the essence of flames.

Oh, quite a lot.

“How long have you been here?” Ling Han asked.

“Two years.”

It had actually been two years?

Ling Han shook his head. By the looks of it, his gains were pitifully little, “You are too lazy. You only managed to gather this little bit in two years?”

The man was speechless. His efficiency was already very high!

Fire monsters had fire poison in their bodies, and if one battled for too long, he would definitely be contaminated with a sliver of fire poison. It had to be cured. Otherwise, if the fire poison accumulated, it would cause serious consequences, and it was not impossible that one would be burnt to death.

“Get lost, and don’t let me see you again.” Ling Han casually tossed the man backwards.

He paid no further attention to them, and strode forwards.

After a while, a new flaming monster appeared, and was naturally killed with a single punch.

Ling Han had seen someone burn to death by the fire poison before, so he naturally wouldn’t be unguarded against it. However, he could kill his opponent with a single punch, and under the barrage of destructive energy, even the fire poison could be easily destroyed. He didn’t need to worry about being corroded by the fire poison.

Thus, even if there were people that were his equal in abilities, they were completely incomparable in terms of efficiency.

The more he killed, the more shocked Ling Han became. Just what kind of background did this destructive energy have? It was too terrifying, wasn’t it?

After roaming the secondary cave, Ling Han returned to the main cave and continued to advance.

There was more than one person here. Clearly, the bounty issued by either the Pang Clan or the Luo Clan had been effective. Ling Han had not taken too many steps, when he was attacked by another sneak attack.

He went by the usual practice. Capture him, and after giving him a good thrashing, search him thoroughly for his essence of flames.

Why didn’t he kill him?

There was another purpose, and that was so he could get the best deal. In future, when he encountered these people, he could rob them again, and treat them as free labour.

After circling over a dozen caves, Ling Han also looted a dozen over people, causing his gains to increase explosively.

En, added with seven babies, he might be able to complete the step of condensing a Fire Element Crystal in a few months’ time.

He did not worry about the babies in the slightest. They were all cunning, and their abilities were extraordinary. It was only them that would be screwing others over.

After walking for a while longer, he finally arrived at the end of the main cave.

Previously, he had robbed a great many people, and had also obtained some useful information.

For example, there was a Flame King in every mountain cave. Its abilities were far stronger than ordinary flame creatures, and the essence of flames it provided was also slightly more. In fact, Fire Origin Stones would occasionally drop, which could gather the power of heaven and earth and speed up cultivation.

This was very similar to the Ice Origin Stone.

Of course, not every Flame King would drop Fire Origin Stones; it depended on luck.

However, no one dared to have any ideas about the Flame King.

Firstly, the Flame King was too strong, being able to sweep aside Mystery Realm Tier elites, and secondly, the Flame King could detonate the fire poison in a cultivator’s body. Even if the amount wasn’t enough to kill him, how could he withstand such torture in battle?

Hence, everyone only dared to kill monsters in the side cave. If it was the main cave, no one dared to visit.

Ling Han was naturally unafraid. Instead, he was in high spirits. In the last two months, he had not cultivated, so he could use the power of the Fire Origin Stone to catch in progress of his cultivation.

He stepped into the last place of this cave. This was a very large cave, and there was a massive flame monster that was currently floating back and forth, and in every corner of the cave, there were bones scattered everywhere.

Clearly, it was not that no one had challenged the Flame King, but the majority of them had probably lost their lives.

The Flame King also discovered Ling Han’s presence at the first instant. He immediately raised his hand and threw it out. Xiu! The flaming halberd in his hand shot toward the little loli.

“Ah, help!” Tang Yun’er screamed.

Ling Han threw a punch. Peng! The flaming halberd instantly shattered.

The little loli was furious. She pointed at the Flame King and said, “Flame Head, why are you hitting cute, beautiful, obedient, filial, er… Little Toffee?”

The Flame King naturally ignored her. He formed another halberd of fire in his hands, and this time, he threw it at Ling Han.

Ling Han threw another punch to block the attack, but the Flame King condensed a third flaming halberd and threw it over.

This offensive was really rapid. If it was not Ling Han, if it was another person, they might not even be able to fight back, and would be shot dead.

Ling Han humphed, “You’re not done yet?”

He opened his mouth and spat out a golden sword that slashed at the Flame King.

“Do you think you’re the only one who can do this?”

Xiu, the golden sword swept past, and the Flame King didn’t dare to be careless. He waved his large hand, and fiery flames blazed..

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 3602: Flame King Free Read Online (2024)
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