Battle Through the Heavens’s God: The Flame Emperor Chapter 111 English RAW: Wucheng conspiracy? (2024)

When Murray heard the loud voice, his brows sank slightly. After all, this is the Yue Family, and it is the home of others, so they have to lower their posture!

At the moment when time stagnated, Mueller felt a hand pulling on the corner of his clothes, and then left next to his father who was just now, and the picture of Xiao Yan and the others appeared in his eyes. !

Mueller is also a person who is greedy for life and fears death. The strength of his mere three-star fighting emperor is in the hands of this Yueyu...

Although he was extremely frightened in his heart, he didn't dare to speak out, for fear that if he accidentally made the head of the Yue family unhappy, if he gave him a slap, he would end up...

"Old Yueyu man, don't be mad!" Murray also found out that his son had left his side in an instant, and was caught by Yueyu, and he immediately shouted! Dou Qi instantly enveloped the whole body, and then turned into a Dou Qi palm print and attacked Yue Yu!

"Humph!" Yue Yu snorted coldly, and then the terrifying palm print of fighting qi was shattered out of thin air, and then, regardless of what happened to the furious Murray, he threw Murray in his hand to Xiao Yan.

"Let's leave it to you." Then Yue Yu said lightly.

"Back then, I was kind enough to spare your life, but I didn't expect you to take revenge for your kindness now. If that's the case, then I can't blame me..." Xiao Yan also looked at the terrified Mueller and said slowly.

The milky white flame in Xiao Yan's hand instantly covered it, and he was about to attack Mueller just now!

"Father, save me!" Mueller also shouted loudly, because he felt a wave of death from Xiao Yan's hand!

Just when Xiao Yan was about to start, a piece of white paper wrapped in fiery red Dou Qi slowly rose up on Murray's palm. On the fiery red white paper, there was only the word wu that stood out.

"Old Yueyu, do you know what this is?" Murray also shouted loudly.

"Wucheng Order?" Yue Yu frowned, looking at the blank piece of paper on Murray's palm.

"As soon as the Wucheng order came out, the idlers retreated. We are looking for Xiao Yan!" Murray also spoke slowly.

"Damn, it's actually a Martial Magic Order?" Yue Yu also muttered to herself. After all, he is the head of the Yue family, and many things have to be considered for the family.

"What is the Martial City Order?" Xiao Yan also asked in doubt.

"Wucheng Order, in short, is a Wucheng Wanted Order. Once someone is issued a Wucheng Order, then their Wuhuan people will stop at all costs, even if you flee to the ends of the earth, you will be hunted down." Yue Ru is also beautiful eyes slightly wrinkled, did not expect that the people of Wucheng would be so unreasonable!

Xiao Yan was stunned. Looking at the white paper on Murray's palm not far away, he also let go of the white paper he was holding in his hand, and the grudge in his body was also working at this moment to cope with the unexpected situation!

Because Xiao Yan is also clear, with the character of that person in Wucheng who will be punished, if Wu Huan was not killed at the beginning, then there will definitely be today.

Mueller also felt that Xiao Yan let him go, and then escaped from Xiao Yan's side as if he was fleeing from a demon, and returned to his father's side, looking at Xiao Yan with a look of schadenfreude.

Bai Su of the Alchemist Association shook his head, suddenly turned his head to look at Xiao Yan in the distance, and asked in confusion, "What's wrong with him?"

Because Bai Su is a pharmacist, his soul perception is much stronger than Yue Yu, so he can perceive it very sensitively, even if Xiao Yan has just finished refining the medicine pill and consumes a lot of vindictive energy, but at this moment The grudge in his body suddenly surged up.

"What's wrong?" Bai Ruo also felt something strange, then looked up at the few people in the sky.

"It's nothing, I'll help if you can help me in a while. Xiao Yan can have such strength and refining skills at such a young age. I wouldn't believe him if he didn't have a background." Shaking his head, Bai Su replied casually, but his eyes were Staring at Xiao Yan's back, with Bai Su's strength and refining skills, he naturally sensed that Xiao Yan almost killed Wu Huan. Today, he was found by Wu Chengling. Some trouble.

Apparently, President Bai Su, like Yue Yu, attributed Xiao Yan's strength, refining skills, and fire elves to the powerful forces behind Xiao Yan.

In the field, when Murray's previous voice fell, the people who had watched Xiao Yan refining the imperial medicine pills fell into silence, only those eyes mixed with doubts, watching the motionless Bai Bai. Wu characters on paper.


Murray held the white paper in his hand, and then stared at the back of the thin body with a heavy ruler on his back. A faint vindictive fluctuation was brewing in the palm of his hand. As long as Xiao Yan made any move, he would immediately block it. Down.

Above the quiet Yue Family compound, the atmosphere was dull and strange.

The silence lasted for a while, and the back like a stone sculpture finally moved slightly, and as his figure shook, Murray's eyes narrowed slowly, and his body leaned forward slightly, as if he was about to lean down. He looked at Xiao Yan like an eagle looking for his prey.

"Master of the Mu family, Mueller fought with me in the ruins. Although I defeated him, I didn't kill him, otherwise he wouldn't be alive and kicking!"

"If the head of the Mu family is worried about this matter, then Xiao Yan also wants to learn something today." The sudden faint voice finally broke the silence above the Yue family compound and made Murray lean forward. Slightly stiff.

Countless gazes in the sky shifted again, but now, they all turned to Murray, apparently waiting to see a good show.

"Hahaha, Mu Er's skills are not as good as I recognize, but Xiao Yan, don't think that you can escape by pretending to be confused!"

"What I said is not about Mu Er and you at all!" Murray is obviously also an old fox, and he was not fooled by Xiao Yan's change of the Then I don't know what Mu Patriarch said? "Xiao Yan also said lightly.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Murray slowly retracted the white paper in his hand, stared at Xiao Yan grimly, and said solemnly, "I don't know if Mr. Xiao Yan has heard that a few days ago, the son of my Wucheng martial family met with him in the Ruins Mountain Range. The news of people fighting and being killed?"

As soon as Murray said this, all the people in Qingcheng who had come to these words suddenly murmured.

Wu Huan's status in Wucheng is not low, and because of his excellent cultivation talent, his relationship in Wucheng is not bad. And it seems that because his father is the master of Wucheng, it is rumored that he has been appointed as the next successor of Wucheng. It is a pity that this scene has occurred unexpectedly now.

"Oh, I don't know what Mu Patriarch said?" Although Xiao Yan was calm on the surface, he quickly calculated that when he dealt with Wu Huan, he could almost kill him, but because of the appearance of the Soul Clan, Wu Huan was saved. Magic, but I never thought that Wucheng would come up with such a way to get rid of himself.

"Our law enforcement team in Wucheng also went to the depths of the Warcraft Mountains to investigate, but the information was very small, only that a mysterious person with great strength appeared, and then killed Wu Huan, but the news about that mysterious person , but we don't have much news."

"But the place where Wu Huan died in the depths of the Warcraft Mountains is not without gain."

"Because we found a tiny remnant of milky white flames!" Murray stared at Xiao Yan, and then said.

(End of this chapter)

Battle Through the Heavens’s God: The Flame Emperor Chapter 111 English RAW: Wucheng conspiracy? (2024)
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