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Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a form that should be completed each semester by current and prospective college students in the United States to determine their eligibility for student financial aid. For more information about the FAFSA and how to apply, please visit theFederal Student Aid website.

Tuition may be paid via check, wire, credit/debit card or with cash; however, paying an account balance online via PantherPay is the fastest payment method. One of these payment arrangements must be in place by the payment due date or class registration may be canceled. For more information and instructions on how to pay your tuition, please visit theStudent Financial Services websiteand review the ‘How to Pay’ section.

Panther Answer is a one-stop-shop Knowledge Base for any questions you or your student may have. These include answers concerning enrollment, registration, student records, financial aid and student accounts. For answers to these questions and more, visit thePanther Answer platform.

The Scholarship Resource Center was established to offer guidance and support to students seeking financial assistance by providing year-long promotion of scholarship opportunities. The Resource Center is open to all students regardless of financial status. For more information on the Scholarship Resource Center, please visit theScholarship Resource Center website.

There are several different types of financial aid available to assist Georgia State students on their educational journey. To learn more about the types of financial aid available, please visit theStudent Financial Services website. Aid types and important information can be found under the ‘Resources’ section.



If you have been instructed that you need to complete any Placement Testing exams, you will need to log in to your PAWS account with your CampusID. Under the New Students menu, you’ll see a Placement Tests tab that will take you to a registration form. You’ll be required to obtain your PantherCard and present it at the time of your test. Please note that academic departments may have separate testing requirements for your major.

Math Placement Exams: Students in programs that require MATH 1111 (College Algebra) or higher must take the math placement exam, which will assess their skills and place them in an appropriate math course. Certain test scores serve as a prerequisite for entry into college algebra, pre-calculus and higher.

  • There is no fee to take an exam the first time, but there is a $50 fee each time a student retakes the exam. Students should have their PantherID number and one form of photo identification ready to show at the time of the exam.
  • To prepare for an exam, visit ACCUPLACER or Purplemath for college algebra, geometry and trigonometry samples with solutions.
  • Register hereif you have been instructed to complete a Math Placement Exam.

The majors below require math placement exams:

  • College of Arts & Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science (B.I.S.), Geosciences, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics, Pre-Computer Science
  • J. Mack Robinson College of Business: Actuarial Science, Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Business Economics, Finance, Hospitality Administration, Marketing, Managerial Sciences, Real Estate and Risk Management
  • College of Education & Human Development: Exercise Science, Middle-Level Education-Math Concentration, Sports Administration (B.I.S.)
  • Andrew Young School of Policy Studies: Economics (B.S. only)
  • Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing & Health Professions: Nutrition Science
  • School of Public Health: Public Health

Panther Dining

There are important things to consider before deciding to cancel a meal plan. Learn more about the Panther Dining meal plan cancellation policy on theGeorgia State dining website.

There are more than 10 dining halls, cafés and eateries across all Georgia State campuses. Find your closest (or favorite!) location by browsing theGeorgia State dining websiteand review the ‘Locations & Hours’ section.

From traditional dining halls to restaurants and cafés to catering services, Georgia State’s dining services meet the needs and tastes of all patrons on our diverse campuses. 5-day or 7-day academic year meal plans are available that allow students to enjoy unlimited access to three “all-you-care-to-eat” dining halls. To learn more about meal plans and all dining options visit theGeorgia State dining website.

PantherCash is a debit account linked to your PantherCard. PantherCash is simple to set up, convenient to use and saves you money at any Georgia State campus. For more information on PantherCash, please visit theGeorgia State dining websiteand review the ‘PantherCash’ section.


Georgia State provides housing for more than 5,200 students across six different residencies. For more information about residence halls and their amenities, as well as pricing, please visit theGeorgia State Housing websiteand select “Explore Residencies” in the menu.

This has just been a brief overview, but answers to many more housing questions and points of contact can be found on theCampus Living FAQs webpage.

The university has designated move-in and move-out dates and guidelines. It is important to consistently check your Georgia State email for important details and updates. For more information surrounding move-in and move-out procedures, please review theGeorgia State Housing website.

Georgia State has created a database that highlights current rental listings and individuals who may be searching for roommates. To learn more about off-campus housing options available to students, please visit theOff-Campus Housing website.

Statistics show that living on campus inspires student involvement, helps lift grades and increases overall student satisfaction. Review the several different types of housing online at theHousing website.


The Georgia State University Police Department provides law enforcement, security and safety services to the university community and the immediate surrounding areas 24/7. For more information regarding the GSU PD, please visit theUniversity Police webpage.

Georgia State provides the LiveSafe App to the entire GSU community, including families. This is an important tool that allows users a quick and discrete way to communicate with Georgia State Police. To learn more about the LiveSafe App and how to use it, please visit theLiveSafe webpage.

Georgia State offers text message alerts regarding weather and student safety through the RAVE system. Panther Alerts are an opt-in service but highly encouraged. To learn more about Panther Alerts and how to sign up, please visit theGetRave website.

Student safety is a priority at Georgia State University, and many resources are accessible to students. To learn more about safety contacts available on campus, please visit theSafety Contact Us page.

Georgia State University Police offers students 24/7 safety escorts to nearby parking decks, public and private parking lots, bus stops and train stations. For more information regarding the non-emergency line and safety escorts, please visit theUniversity Police Services webpage.

Student Success

Georgia State University is proud to offer conditional acceptances to international and first-year students. To learn more about conditional acceptances and their requirements, please visit theAdmissions website.

Georgia State University notifies students who have shown signs of academic distress in the first few weeks of the semester. To learn more about the Early Alert Program, please visit theEarly Alert Program webpage.

Georgia State University offers incoming students the opportunity to receive additional support through involvement in learning communities. To learn more about Freshman and Perimeter Learning Communities, please visit theLearning Communities webpage.

ThePanther Excellence Program (PEP) gives you a unique and exciting opportunity to quickly establish yourself at Georgia State and set yourself up for academic and interpersonal success. Through PEP, you will:

  • Develop strong study habits and academic skills.
  • Begin fulfilling degree requirements.
  • Increase your likelihood of attaining or maintaining HOPE Scholarship eligibility. (GA Residents Only)
  • Learn about a wealth of resources for support and guidance.
  • Make enduring friendships.

For more information about the Panther Excellence Program, please visit thePanther Excellence webpage.

In an effort to increase retention and graduation rates, Student Support Services offers free services to students who meet specific criteria. To learn more about Student Support Services, please visit theStudent Support Services webpage.

An extended learning community, the Success Academy offers student additional support while encouraging them to reach their fullest potential. For more information about the Success Academy program, please visit theSuccess Academy webpage.

Campus Services

Georgia State students are able to link their PantherCard to a debit account, providing them with PantherCash in which they can purchase food, pay for parking and more. For more information on how to add funds to your PantherCard, please visit theAbout PantherCash tab on the PantherCard webpage.

Georgia State University transportation and the MARTA are not your only options. For more information on alternative public transportation, please visit theGetting to Campus webpage.

The university bookstore is happy to offer a variety of different items for students, including textbooks, official GSU merchandise and course materials. To learn more about the campus bookstore, please visit theBookstore website.

Each of the six Georgia State University campuses has its own bookstore. For more information on bookstore locations by campuses, please visit theBookstore website.

Georgia State University offers students free transportation across the Atlanta campus through the Panther Express. For more information on the Panther Express, please visit thePanther Express webpage.

Georgia State University has a standard formatavailablefor anyone looking to send mail to their students.For moreinformationon how to address mail to your student, please visit theMail Services webpage.

There are many mail services available to students, both on-campus and off. To learn more about campus mail services, please visit theMail Services webpage.

Georgia State University has partnered with MARTA to offer Georgia State University students a discounted MARTA card. For more information on student MARTA cards, please visitParking’s How Do I webpage.

The Georgia State University provides students with an easy way to purchase and rent necessary textbooks. To order textbooks, please visit theBookstore website.

A PantherCard is a student’s primary way to identify themself as a Georgia State University student. To learn more about your PantherCard and how to acquire it, please visit thePantherCard webpage.

Georgia State University is happy to provide a singular parking portal that allows students to purchase parking permits, review citations and more. Visit theParking Portal.

Georgia State University offers multiple parking options, including permit-required parking decks and free lots by the stadium. For more information on parking permits and free lots, please visit theStudent Parking webpage.

Georgia State University is happy to provide price matching for textbook purchases and rentals. For more information on our price-matching policies, please visit thePrice Match Guarantee webpage.

Each student is required to register their vehicle with the campus database to ease parking and increase campus safety. For more information on how to register your vehicle, please visit theParking Portal.

If you lose your PantherCard, immediately report the lost or stolen card to the PantherCard office and take the required steps to order a replacement. For more information about how to acquire a replacement PantherCard, please visit theReplacement tab on the PantherCard webpage.

It is important to Georgia State University that they support students in all aspects of their education, including how their transportation to and from campuses. To learn more about transportation available for students, please visit theTransporation webpage.

Textbooks can be obtained both physically and digitally as well as purchased or rented. For more information regarding types of textbooks, please visit theTextbooks FAQs page.

There is designated visitor parking available on each of the Georgia State University campuses. For more information on visitor parking, please visit theVisitor Parking webpage.

Georgia State Resources - Student Orientation and Family Engagement (2024)
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