How To Get Alchemist In Slap Battles: Containment Breach Badge (2024)

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Learn how to get the Alchemist Glove in Slap Battles on Roblox by unlocking the Containment Breach badge!

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First Published November 4, 2023, 08:52

How To Get Alchemist In Slap Battles: Containment Breach Badge (1)

Are you excited about the Alchemist in Slap Battles but unsure how to get your hands on it? Worry not! We are here to unravel the mystery and guide you step-by-step to claim this power-packed Glove that every Roblox player is eyeing.

So, what are you waiting for? Plunge into the mystical world of potion-brewing and unfold the secrets of obtaining this marvel. Here's how to unlock the Alchemist Glove in Slap Battles and earn the Containment Breach badge.

Table of Contents

  • How Do I Unlock The Alchemist In Slap Battles?
  • What Does The Alchemist Glove Do In Slap Battles?
    • Summon Cauldron Ability
    • Alchemist Glove Stats
  • What Are All The Alchemist Glove Potions In Slap Battles?

How Do I Unlock The Alchemist In Slap Battles?

The Alchemist Glove is awarded to players after receiving the Containment Breach Badge in Slap Battles — this requires that you kill thirteen different people by the Plague Glove's passive ability in one life. And that's pretty much it.

The Alchemist is quite an unusual Glove in Slap Battles, featuring an eerie green gooey liquid with small bottles of potions threaded around its base. It was added to the game on 20 October 2023 and is highly sought-after for its ability to brew 18 powerful potions.

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What Does The Alchemist Glove Do In Slap Battles?

The Alchemist in Slap Battles isn’t just a Glove — it’s a reservoir of chemical powers manifesting through the variety of potions it can brew. Here’s a glimpse of its majestic powers you'll unlock after unlocking the Containment Breach badge in Slap Battles.

Summon Cauldron Ability

The Alchemist's "Summon Cauldron" ability can brew 18 potions, each with unique powers and effects to turn the tide of battle in Slap Battles. To brew them, you must find ingredients around the map. But be warned: mess up the recipe, and the cauldron will explode!

Alchemist Glove Stats

  • Power:58
  • Speed:15
  • Ability:Summon Cauldron (E)

What Are All The Alchemist Glove Potions In Slap Battles?

Here’s a table with the Alchemist potions, ingredients, and effects in Slap Battles:

Grug Potion1 MushroomTurns the player into the Slap Battles tester Grug.
Nightmare Potion3 Dark RootsGives the affected player the Night passive from the Nightmare Glove.
Confusion Potion1 Red Crystal, 1 Blue Crystal, 1 Glowing MushroomGives the affected player the Brain Damage passive from the Confusion Glove.
Power Potion1 Dire Flower, 1 Red Crystal, 1 Wild VineDoubles the Glove's power for 8 seconds. It cannot be thrown.
Paralyzing Potion2 Plane FlowerMakes the affected player ragdolled for 10 seconds.
Haste Potion1 Autumn Sprout, 1 Jade StoneGives infinite Glove speed for 6 seconds. It cannot be thrown.
Invisibility Potion2 Hazel Lily, 1 Blue CrystalIt makes the affected player invisible for 10 seconds.
Explosion Potion1 Red Crystal, 2 Fire FlowerThe player will die instantly in a big explosion when the potion is drunk. If thrown, it creates an explosion that deals knockback.
Invincible Potion1 Elder Wood, 2 MushroomMakes you immune to all forms of knockback, and you can't be rag-dolled. It has a 3-minute duration or until you take your Glove out.
Toxic Potion2 Dark Root, 1 Blood Rose, 1 Red CrystalApplies either the Infect passive from Plague or Fart Blast passive from Zombie to the affected player.
Freeze Potion2 Winter Rose, 1 Wild Vine, 1 Blue Crystal, 1 Glowing MushroomApplies the Freeze passive from the Ice Glove to the affected player.
Feather Potion1 Mushroom, 1 Hazel LilyMakes the gravity setting of the wearer slightly lower, allowing them to jump higher than usual. It's similar to the Moon Glove's "Low Gravity" ability.
Speed Potion2 Mushroom, 1 Plane Flower, 1 Hazel Lily, 1 Blue CrystalIncreases the player's walking speed for 6 seconds.
Lethal Potion10 Blood Rose, 10 Dark RootInstantly kills any affected player.
Slow Potion2 Mushroom, 2 Blue Crystal, 1 Jade Stone, 1 Plane FlowerSlows any affected players.
Antitoxin Potion1 Blue Crystal, 1 Glowing Shroom, 2 Plane Flower, 1 Elder WoodRemoves any plague and resets the toxin meter when used on self.
Corrupted Vine Potion(NEW)3 Wild Vines, 1 Blood Rose, 1 Dark Root, 1 Elder Wood, 1 Jade Stone

Drinking this potion takes you to a Tower Defense scenario with three towers and eight waves to overcome.

Clearing wave seven awards you the Gardens And Ghouls badge, and completing wave eight grants the limited-time Alchemists Hood UGC.

And that's everything to know about the Alchemist. We want to thank the contributors on the Slap Battles Fandom page for gathering all the information about the Glove's effects. Otherwise, feel free to read our guides on how to unlock the Recall Glove or Leash Glove.

Featured images are courtesy of YouTube / Premiumsalad.

How To Get Alchemist In Slap Battles: Containment Breach Badge (2024)
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