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MGA now uses AIMS, a virtual parking permit system

Middle Georgia State University (MGA) Parking Services assists with the management of vehicular traffic and oversight of parking policies and procedures for the campus community. Parking Services focuses primarily on issuing parking permits, registering campus vehicles, enforcing written and approved parking policies, maintaining parking lots, servicing campus visitors and guests, and handling lot logistics for special meetings and events. MGA promotes safety and requires all drivers and pedestrians to observe Georgia traffic laws and follow the established campus policies on a daily basis.

Parking Permits

All faculty, staff, and students of the University that park a vehicle on any Middle Georgia State Campus or property controlled by MGA shall register for a virtual parking permit through AIMS online here (you will be taken to SWORDS to sign into your account). All visitors must visit the parking office location listed below to purchase a virtual parking permit.

  • Students- All MGA students pay a $10 parking fee each semester. As a part of this fee, students can register for a permit online, which covers two vehicles. If a student has a need for more than two vehicles, they must purchase an additional permit for $10.00. Student permits expire each year in December and must be renewed annually online.
  • Employees- MGA employees must also register for a virtual permit, which covers two vehicles. An employee must purchase an additional permit for over two vehicles. The permits do not have to be renewed each year, but employees must keep their vehicle information up to date.
  • Visitors- Please go to the parking office location at the campus that you visit for a virtual parking permit.

Parking office locations and time of operations are as follows if assistance is needed:




Times of Operation

Macon Campus

Campus Support Services

Police Department


Warner Robins Campus

WRC Academic Services Bldg.

Business Office

8:00 am- 05:30 pm (M-Thur.)
8:00 am- 12:00pm (F)

Cochran Campus

Alderman Community Hall

Police Department


Eastman Campus

Terry Coleman Building

Police Department


Dublin Campus

Dublin Center Building

Police Department

8:00 am- 05:00 pm (M-F)

Virtual parking permits must be current with car make, model, color, and license plate number in accordance with all parking policies. There shall be a rebuttable presumption that any vehicle on campus which is owned by a family member of a student or employee is being operated by the student or employee.

For more information regarding parking permits, please visit the MGA Parking Policy, Section 2.0.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is done online through AIMS parking portal when purchasing a virtual permit. MGA active students are provided one virtual parking permit per year, and are allowed to register two vehicles on their permit. Employees are provided with one virtual permit during employment, and may have two vehicles registered on a virtual permit as well. If additional vehicles need to be registered on an account in addition to two vehicles, an additional permit will need to be purchased online for $10 each for students and employees. Vehicles can be added, updated, or changed anytime by visiting here (you will be taken to SWORDS to sign into your account).


The Middle Georgia State University Parking Policy applies throughout the calendar year and is enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To enforce the rules and regulations, the MGA Police are authorized to issue citations, immobilize vehicles, and pursue collections action against violators.

Citations are issued to vehicle permits, not vehicle operators. In the case of resident guest violations, citations are issued to the resident that the guest is visiting. Citations issued to vehicles remain a valid and binding fine, regardless of the vehicle operator. The registered owner of a vehicle is considered fully responsible for all citations issued to his/her vehicle, regardless of the vehicle operator at the time of citation issuance.

Fines accrued by violating the parking policy constitute a lasting financial obligation to the University by the violator until such time as the citations are paid.

For more information on parking enforcement and policies, please visit the MGA Parking Policy, Section 4.2.

Citation Information

Citations are issued when vehicles are parked illegally on MGA campuses. Students will not be permitted to register for classes, receive transcripts, or receive diplomas until all citation fines are resolved in full.

A list of citation violations can be found by visiting the MGA Parking Policy, Section 4.7.

Citation Payments

Citations may be paid online here (you will be taken to SWORDS to sign into your account) and clicking on “pay a ticket,” or may be paid in CASH only at the following locations:

  • Macon Campus: Bursar’s Office in the Student Life Center
  • Warner Robins Campus: Administrative Office in Academic Services Building
  • Cochran Campus: Bursar’s Office in Grace Hall
  • Eastman Campus: Terry Coleman Building
  • Dublin Campus: Dublin Center Building

To access all campus maps for each campus, please visit MGA Campus Maps .

Parking Appeals

If a person believes a citation has been issued unfairly, the citation may be appealed. Appeals for Middle Georgia State University parking tickets must be made within 14 calendar days from the date the ticket is issued.

Individuals may appeal parking citations by completing and submitting an appeal online through their AIMS account here . During the appeals process an in-person hearing will not be conducted. Initial appeals will be reviewed by the Chief of Police or designee. Initial appeals are only reviewed for errors, omissions, or situations where technical issues may exist. If an appeal is denied a respondent should pay the citation, or may further appeal within 3 days of the initial appeal response. The respondent must submit a second appeal through AIMS online here (you will be taken to SWORDS to sign into your account).

For more information on parking appeals, please visit the MGA Parking Policy, Section 4.8.

ADA Parking

The University is committed to ensuring that those who have special needs have every possible assistance in accessing University premises for the purpose of academic study and employment. Parking spaces for disabled drivers are located as close as possible to the most appropriate entrance of the University building, having due regard for:

  • State and federal rules, regulations, and laws
  • The health and safety of persons with mobility impairments
  • Access for persons requiring use of Middle Georgia State facilities

For an interactive map with the general location of ADA spaces, please refer to the “Interactive Parking Maps” section of this website.

In the event that an active MGA student or employee needs a temporary disability parking permit, for approved medical reasons, they should reference the below chart to contact the Office of Accessibility Services, providing documentation for just cause.

Office of Accessibility Services Contact Information
Macon Campus
Student Life Center, Room 266
Phone: 478.471.2985
Fax: 478.471.5730
Cochran Campus
Georgia Hall, Lower Level
Phone: 478.934.3023
Fax: 478.934.3090

Visitor/Community Parking

Middle Georgia State University welcomes visitors who have business on campus. All visitors should report to the MGA Police Department for a Visitor’s Parking Permit unless they have made prior arrangements with the University to obtain one. This entitles the visitor to park in designated visitor parking spaces. If visitor spaces are not available, visitors may be directed to park in another parking space by representatives or officials of the University. Parking registration for conferences or continuing education courses will be administered through the Hatcher Conference Center.

For general questions about visitor parking, please email .

Parking Policy

Parking Policy


How do you register a newly purchased vehicle with no license plate?

Enter the dealership drive out temporary tag number to register your vehicle. Once you receive your permanent license plate, you can log back onto the AIMS system to update it by going to the Vehicles tab and selecting the vehicle you want to update. Below will be options for temporary or permanent replacement. Select the appropriate option and enter the updated vehicle information.

How do I get a temporary permit?

Go to the vehicles tab, select the temporary replacement option under the vehicle you want to temporarily replace on your account. You will then enter the vehicle information on the temporary car and select what dates you will be driving this vehicle. Once the temporary permit expires, the system will automatically revert back to your regular vehicle. If you don’t need the replacement as long as you expected, you can cancel the temporary at any time on the parking portal. If you need it longer, simply go back into the AIMS system and repeat the process for registering for another temporary permit.

Do I need a sticker?

No, the AIMS parking system is virtual and utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR) Software.

When does the permit expire?

Student permits expire at the end of each calendar year.

How do I pay for my Parking Permit?

The parking fee is already included each semester as part of the student’s tuition. This fee allows for students to register 2 vehicles on their account at no additional charge. Additional permits can be purchased online through AIMS if more vehicles need to be added to an account.

How many cars can I register for Parking? Is there an additional fee?

The parking fee allows for students to register 2 vehicles on their account at no additional charge. Additional permits can be purchased online through AIMS at a cost of $10 per permit.

Do I need to register my car for each campus?

Vehicle registration through AIMS is good for all Middle Georgia State University campuses. Students living on campus should select the Resident Permit option when registering their vehicle and will be prompted to notate which campus they will be living on. Residents should park in residential lots while on their home campus, but are permitted to park in Commuter areas when traveling to any of the other MGA campuses.

Where do I pay for my Parking Ticket?

You can view and pay parking citations online via the AIMS parking page by logging into your SWORDS account. If you do not have a SWORDS account, you can search and pay for your citation by entering in the ticket number and license plate on the vehicle for which the ticket was issued.

Contact Us!

For general questions about parking please contact:

Phone: 478.471.2414

Parking: Middle Georgia State University (2024)
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