Road Scholar Trips 2024 (2024)

1. Find Educational & Adventure Tours | Road Scholar

  • US & Canada · Alaska Tours for Seniors · Southwest · Iceland

  • Browse our selection of experiential travel opportunities all over the world for age 50+ Group or solo packages include lodging, meals, & expert-guided educational tours.

2. Road Scholar: Educational Travel & Learning Adventures

  • Find a Trip · Browse Trip Collections · Popular With Solo Travelers · Our Trips

  • Not-for-profit creator of experiential travel opportunities all over the world for age 50+ Group or solo packages include lodging, meals, & expert-guided educational tours. Educational Adventures. 2023 & 2024 Enrolling Now. Non-Profit Organization.

3. Road Scholar Announces Floating Campus Programs for 2024

  • 18 apr 2023 · Road Scholars will enjoy onboard lectures, unique onshore field trips, and access to the instructors throughout the journey for insightful Q&A ...

  • Boston, Massachusetts--(Newsfile Corp. - April 18, 2023) - Not-for-profit Road Scholar, the world leader in educational travel for older...

4. Road Scholar Trips 2024 | Provided By Alandis Travel

  • Experiential learning through educational trips for lifelong learners: in Spain since 1985 · More than 35 years working together · +250 participants per year ...

  • Senior Educational trips to Spain & Cuba for Road Scholar

5. Road Scholar Announces Floating Campus Programs for 2024

6. 2024 Road Scholar Programs | Montreat Conference Center

  • Road Scholar participants come to Montreat from every walk of life to learn together, to exchange ideas, and to explore the world.

7. Road Scholar Tours - 860 trips, 249 reviews - Travelstride

  • Explore 860 trips from Road Scholar , with 249 traveler reviews. Compare prices and itineraries from similar companies. Save up to 40%.

8. Road Scholar Profile [2024] - 291 reviews, 1,516 trips - Travelstride

  • On a Road Scholar tour you can expect a lot of unique cultural, artistic, historic, and local insights. Meet artisans, learn local crafts, and feel the ...

  • Get the 360 view of Road Scholar . 291 traveler ratings + professional review. See photos, videos, itineraries and more to know if Road Scholar is right for you.

9. Road Scholar | Boston MA - Facebook

  • Road Scholar's financial assistance program enables Colleen G. to travel solo and fulfill her dream of hiking the Grand Canyon on the learning adventure of a ...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

10. Road Scholar on LinkedIn: 10 Great Germany Tours for 2024 - Tour Scoop

  • 22 aug 2023 · Bride and Groom full length at the Albany Capitol Building. The Groom is leaning on. 6.

  • Another great feature from the ever talented Megan duBois. I don't know how she churns out so many beautiful pieces! Christine Sarkis

11. Road Scholar - Chautauqua Institution

12. Road Scholar Trips - Virginia Living

  • 28 feb 2023 · The world's leader in educational travel for the 50-plus set, Road Scholar offers cycling tours of Cambodia, wine tours through Portugal, and ...

  • For seniors, Road Scholar offers learning adventures around the world. Alyssa Bichunsky As a child, Bill Baker remembers learning about the world beyond his Massachusetts home from his uncle. “He was an avid reader who would go on trips, then gather the family for a slideshow.”  Today Bill, 79, and his […]

13. Rick Steves tour VS Road Scholar tour -- tour decision made

  • 9 jul 2023 · Specifically I am looking at Tuscany tours Rick Steves compared to Road Scholar, as a solo traveler in September 2024. Thanks for your opinions!

  • I know several posters have taken both Rick Steves tours and Road Scholar tours. I'm curious about your opinions and comparisons. I have taken three Rick Steves tours and am questioning if I should branch out to Road Scholar. Specifically I am looking at Tuscany tours [Rick Steves][1] compared...

14. What to Know About Road Scholar Before You Book (2024) - Tour Scoop

  • That means a few things: since it's a nonprofit, Road Scholar offers excellent value (tours aren't priced for profit). I also like that it's unusual among tour ...

  • Road Scholar is an education-focused tour company that also happens to be a nonprofit. Here's what to know before you book.

15. Road Scholar Programs - ECCO Conference Center

  • ... trips into Yosemite National Park. May 5 – 10, 2024 | May 12 – 17, 2024 ... 2024 | September 15 – 20, 2024 | October 6 – 11, 2024. View on Road Scholar ...

  • Those who really want to know Yosemite must explore its wonders on foot. Follow in the footsteps of pioneers like John Muir, the father of Yosemite National Park, and Galen Clark, its Guardian, not to mention the Native Americans who first inhabited this enchanting land. Explore Yosemite’s unique glacially-carved valleys, granite monoliths, waterfalls and lush meadows and hear on-site lectures. If you’ve long yearned for a chance to see the treasures of Yosemite National Park away from the madding tourist crowd, this is it!

16. Road Scholar | Holbrook Travel

  • Road Scholar is a not-for-profit organization that has inspired adults to learn, discover, and travel since 1975. Road Scholar programs include an ...

  • Home

17. Road Scholar Program - The Dickens Project - UC Santa Cruz

  • Known as a “University of the World,” Road Scholar creates programs that combine travel and education to provide experiential learning opportunities both ...

  • Home / Education / Road Scholars

18. Road Scholar Now Offers Exclusive Trips For Solo Travelers - Forbes

  • You'll be asked to sign into your Forbes account. Got it. Apr 2, 2024, 10:57am EDT. Updated Apr 20, 2024, 05:36pm EDT. Young smiling woman standing out of ...

  • The world leader in educational travel for older adults has launched a new series of tours designed exclusively for travelers on their own.

19. Roads Scholar Tour | Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

  • A: The IANR Roads Scholar Tour is hosted and sponsored by the IANR Vice Chancellor's office. All expenses will be paid for, including transportation, hotel and ...

  • Roads Scholar Tour 2024 July 30 - August 1

20. Road Scholar - Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks

  • Heritage learning is travel designed to provide adults worldwide the opportunity to experience the places and activities that authentically represent the ...

Road Scholar Trips 2024 (2024)


What is the average age of Road Scholar participants? ›

Typical Travelers

If you don't count kids in the mix on the Grandparent and Family programs, the average age of a Road Scholar participant is 72. But trips generally include a wide range of older travelers from people in their 50s through 90s.

How many people does a Road Scholar tour? ›

At Road Scholar, our micro group tours place you in cohorts of no more than 12 fellow adventurers, so you can gain unique access to your instructor while still enjoying a group that provides a special camaraderie.

What happened to Elderhostel? ›

Elderhostel was rebranded Road Scholar in 2010 to reflect the growth and evolution of the organization and better represent the loyal participants who rely on us for an in-depth study of the world.

Is Elderhostel still around? ›

By 2010, more than 4 million adults had taken Elderhostel programs, and the organization re-branded with a new name: Road Scholar. Today, Road Scholar offers thousands of learning adventures, serving 80-100,000 participants annually.

Are Road Scholar trips all inclusive? ›

Our programs are all-inclusive. From expert-led lectures and field trips to lodgings, most meals, gratuities, and group transportation—we handle all the details and all the costs incurred during our programs, including those you might not anticipate. On our International trips, we can take care of your airfare, too.

Which is better, Globus or Trafalgar Tours? ›

Globus is going to be slightly less expensive on average, however both tour companies are ideal for the budget minded. Trafalgar offers more “insider” local travel with their “Be My Guest” series, and has a wider audience, also offering tours for the 18-39 crowd.

Do Road Scholar trips include meals? ›

Yes, it's included

That's because every Road Scholar learning adventure includes most meals and all lodging, tips and taxes, behind-the-scenes experiences, expert lectures, group expeditions, and listening devices—24/7 emergency assistance, too.

What did Road Scholar used to be called? ›

From its founding in 1975 until 2010, Road Scholar was known as Elderhostel. Road Scholar offers study tours throughout the United States and Canada and in approximately 150 other countries.

Who runs Road Scholar? ›

James Moses serves as the president and chief executive officer of Road Scholar, the world leader in lifelong learning since 1975. He has held the position since 2002.

Do I tip my Road Scholar guide? ›

Yes, gratuities are always included in our program costs as part of our value promise.

How many road scholars are there? ›

The breadth and depth of our offerings is unsurpassed. Road Scholar is proud to offer thousands of learning adventures in more than 100 countries and throughout the United States. At any given time, nearly 2,000 Road Scholars are experiencing the world on our learning adventures.

What is a Rhodes Scholar? ›

The Rhodes Scholarship is a fully funded, full time, postgraduate award which enables talented young people from around the world to study at the University of Oxford.

What is the average age of people on Trafalgar Tours? ›

While those between 24 and 55 make up the larger majority of those travelling alone, the Baby Boomer audience has latched onto the trend. At Trafalgar we've seen the average age of solo travellers who book directly with us increase from 55-years-old in 2016 to 62-years-old in 2021.

What is the average age for backroads travel? ›

Back-Roads is great for all ages but is generally tailored toward travelers who are ages 50+.

Is Trafalgar Tours for older people? ›


Trafalgar isn't just one of the tour industry's largest and most trusted brands, but it's also an expert in travel tours for seniors, with well over half of its guests falling in that 50-to-71 sweet spot for travel.

What is the average age for the Smithsonian Journeys? ›

Because we offer a wide range of travel options, our age range is quite broad. More active itineraries attract travelers from 45-70 years of age, while special interest tours, including performing arts, typically attract guests from 55-80 years of age. So, while there is no typical age profile, our average age is 55+.

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